Friday, March 8, 2013

Making a Book

I have had a very demanding week but I have survived and I'm not going to tell you about it because I have no wish to re-live again so soon and I am sure you have your won busy lives to lead...


When I got home last night, there was a Lulu parcel waiting for me. Inside was Andy Holme's Liche-Lord GM adventure (another post about that soon!) and...

 My first ever printed book :)

It looks soooo good. The awesome Jeff Freels' cover is a delight and the internal art shows up well.

It took a lot of work, not least because I had no idea of anything other than the writing when I started out on the project as a 5.5 T&T solo back in 2011 and made the mistake of writing it as an Excel spreadsheet.

It got ground out as 7.5, it had a second (evil) way of playing it added with 28 champions to take on in single combat (a combination for each pairing of the 8 attributes) and then I added a GM section.

I got help with play-testing, I got help with formatting, I got given art and still it was so hard to turn in to a book that I gave up on Drive Thru (easy for pdfs so you'll find it there in that form).

But now I know how to do it!!!

I have 2 more books I am ready to release now (if only there was the demand) and a Trollworld novel I will turn from first draft to final come July.

I also have a children's novel which introduces T&T magic finished and just waiting for the illustrtor to do her bit (nudge...).

It would be nice if people bought these books when they come out and read them but I accept there are already too many books in the world so that part doesn't really matter.

What matters for me is that I got it done and will do so again and because it is print-on-demand it cost me just about no money.

So here's what I recommend - don't just think about it, do it!!


  1. Very cool will be in my next order from Lulu for sure.

  2. If I order thru DTRpgNow, I can review it there. If I get it thru LuLu, it's cooler and you get more money, but no one reads the reviews there. If there are any.

    What a moral quagmire!