Friday, June 7, 2013

Deep in the Mire

Rocknarrat -STR: 13 (26), DEX: 16, SPD: 11, CON: 13 (260, INT: 10, WIZ: 11, LK: 8, CHA: 12 - Level 2 in Rockrat form

Donjonetta has a moment of inspiration or is possibly touched by the hand of Gristlegrim. 'This sorceress must have some means of controlling that 'thing' she gasps, desperately searching the Necromance's pockets. 'Blast it!' she cries. 'Nothing!'

Then Siouxsie cottons on, shouting 'Look at her fingers!' as she flies at the demon, silently screaming in it's ear. The silence is good for you and also for the demon. Not so Siouxsie, alas. The demon swallows her whole and burps.

'Here!' yells Donjonetta. 'Catch!' as she rips off a ring and lobs it your way.

You need to make a L1 SR on DEX to catch the ring and then try a L1 SR on SPD to jam it on a finger before the Guardian can digest its snack.

1 comment:

  1. We seem to have lost Tom at some point :(

    So I will keep the ball rolling...excited to see what the heck happens next.

    L1 SR DEX: 1,4 = 5 + 16 = 21 (Success!!!)
    L1 SR SPD: 3,5= 8 + 11 = 19 (Success if we can add our level 1 bonus)

    With some grace, the ring is caught and with equally lackluster speed, the ring is shoved on the finger in the nick of time, making even Frodo flush with envy!