Saturday, June 29, 2013

Edition Wars

I first played 7E just over a year ago. I had not wish to change from 5E but when I changed I found that I, and my players, liked 7E better. We have never thought about going back to 5E, even though we always loved it. Really, it's not so very different a gaming experience, probably because the dominant factor is me as GM!

I play in a 5E game by skype and there are a few things I don't at all like - for example, having a 1 in 9 chance of a critical failure on a saving roll regardless of who skilled my PC is and how simple, relatively, the task is. The GM would be killing PCs all over the shop but that would ruin the game - failing a SR ends up not being a big deal and I think that is rather dull (and it is not the GM's fault - he is very good).

If I did prefer 5E, I'd have the same attitude to dT&T that I had to 7E - how very interesting, I hope it has lots of new ideas as that will be good reading and I don't mind at all what Ken puts in because I'm going to play 5E and add house rules to my taste.

Would I fret because it will blur things for new players? No, because I do not think even a perfect, updated, very pretty 5E book is going to have people throwing out their computer games.

I hope we have new editions every few years (we won't) because I like the debates :)

Whatever you play, may you long enjoy it! One woman's meat is another man's poisson....

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  1. 5E was great. I like 7.5E better, but I hate the format (small spiral book) it's in. It feels cheapy & doesn't last very long.