Friday, June 14, 2013

New Model Army

As you twist the ring again, everything goes deathly quiet. Even your mind seems silent. You realise that you cannot move and then understand that this is nothing to be perturbed by as time is, for the briefest of moments, standing stock still...

During this rift in the fabric of the cosmos, some things do move: the neatly stacked dead bodies rise from their stone slabs, ghost-like grey faces betraying evident excitement at this quasi-life that has been granted.

Once all the corpses are on their feet, the power of movement returns to you. Donjonetta's jaw goes slack and you can see that her mouth really is quite capacious.

Do you want to:

1) Give a command to the zombies? If so, be specific.

2) Grab Donjonetta's hand and get out of here through the entrance the Necromancer exposed?

3) Twist the ring back the other way again?

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