Sunday, June 9, 2013

You're Gonna Do The Twist

With elephantine graace and thunderous footfall, Donjonetta pulls off the stunt of her life and lands, with a perfect '10' held up by a watching Gristlegrim, by your side. She looks excitedly at your finger, seeing the ring ensconced thereupon.

'Which way you gonna twist it, Rockky? That 'thing' has just chewed up the only banshee I ever cared about - whatever you decide, no recriminations, no hard feelings. I put myself in your hands, Wiggy!'

The sword of Damocles is about to descend, either on your heads or upon that of the Guardian. The Scales of Injustice will not yo-yo about any longer - they are about to dliver their judgement and from that we will discover the future not just of this ill-matched pair but of our game...

Clockwise or anti-clockwise. May Solomonic wisdom be with you.

1 comment:

  1. I guess we will try this again...

    Right is right, so clockwise it is...and I am humming a Nick Cave song...

    Call it a premonition, call it a crazy vision
    Call it intuition, something learned from mother
    But when she looked up at me, I could clearly see
    The Sword of Damocles hanging directly above her
    Oh Lord Oh my Lord
    Oh Lord