Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fang the Delectable advances to Level 2

It has often been suggested that 7E advancement is likely to produce heroes very quickly compared to the 5E system - I am far from convinced. I am playing a 5E game under a very experienced GM and my two wizards are pretty potent after 3 adventures and are both L3.

Below you will see how I imagine Fang might have advanced under 7E (I gave him average WIZ and SPD as he did not have these). It is clear that without kremm resistance that there is no reason to add to WIZ (unless you have a GM who likes to call for WIZ SRs). You might need to copy the details and paste them into a document.

APs gained Level STR-13 WIZ-10* INT-16 LK-10 CON-13 DEX-6 CHR-12 SPD-11* ADDS -2 APs spent APs in hand Comments
600 1

330 (13)
210 (9)

+2 540 60 Fang is desperate to increase DEX and also wants fortune

to smile on him occassionally; adds are now positive!

800 1

420 (16)
420 (13)

+6 840 20 Fang continues to boost LK and DEX - he is no longer

clumsy and can rely on fortune not to pick on him.

500 1 270 (15)

230 (13) +9 500 20 Fang boosts his other combat attributes - after 3 delves,

he is a very useful member of the party but still L1

750 1

130 (14) 270 (15) 250 (14)
+11 650 120 Fang continues to revel is great accuracy, etc and 

decides to keep 100 Aps in hand rather than boost WIZ

1000 2 150 (16)

680 (20)

270 (15)
1100 20 After 5 adventures risking life and limb, Fang finally gets

to L2! He gets an extra dice for his weapon and adds two

to SRs - now he can hope to make several L2 SRs and has

a good chance of surviving further adventures - fair

enough too as by now Fang is a member of the family

and much loved.

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