Friday, June 14, 2013

Missile Weapons - A New Approach

Newly Developed House Rule

Key concepts:

1) No adds for missile weapons (too impersonal)

2) You can specify going for a kill shot (eg eye, heart) and that will generally be 2 levels higher than the straight ' to hit' DEX SR

3) Missing the kill shot does not mean you necessarily miss completely - either the GM rolls 1d6 to find which direction the missile strayed in or a LK SR can be called for

4) Once a kill shot has been sent successfully via the required DEX SR, the target may get a LK SR if L4 or higher for the kill shot to be slightly off target (this arises from L4 being the earliest level unlikely to be that of  a new character - dwarves and elves, etc with their kindred modifiers can easily start at L3)

5) Rationale for LK SR - powerful forces (eg wizard-gods) take an interest in heroes

6) the LK SR will involve the target making a higher SR on LK than the aggressor

7) for big battles, the GM can have group DEX and LK ratings for opposing forces

OK - we find that simple and pleasing...

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