Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Big Do The Monsters Need To Get?

Firstly, my apologies to Fang - the Excel spreadsheet paste isn't pretty. I have added the careers of Dworphie the Dwarf and Alphie the Elf and if anyone would like an emailed copy just let me know.

G'noll (Paul H) pointed out quite correctly that I am only looking at levels and that the attributes of 7E PCs tend to be better.

Moving on, here are two posts I made today on Trolhalla in response to two postings there -

Deviadasi said... " What would the MR of a monster need to be to challenge a party of three characters...

Let us suppose the warrior has a 6d6 sword and is L10 so gets 16d6 avg. 56 plus, say, 120 adds = 176; the wizard has enough WIZ courtesy of a battery and a staff to do, say, a L7 TTYF (I'm just going to multiply by 7) so 700 there; the rogue hits with the gun and does 10d6 avg 35 plus adds, say, 150 with DEX doubled (!) = 198 for a total of 233. That makes the warrior the poor relation of combat even with 1d6 extra per level, not just 7E's miserly 1 extra add. The grand total that the monster gets hit with is 1109. A monster with a MR of 1300 would get on average 1108.5 - phew! that's just too close to call :) Round 2 and the monster is down to 367 and will get 642 on average (because it loses no dice) - the monster creams the warrior will the rogue reloads and the wizard hides (the rogue's gun then backfires and kills her and the wizard - maybe).
For MR1300, I'd work out the average and probably roll a few dice, maybe times 1d6, and plus or minus it against the average - very little time, easy to run with. Mind you, I probably wouldn’t make this monster a sitting duck for the wizard or the rogue…

ForMarrkh Guh  Re: 7E game experience, I can see that because we do not play long campaigns but rather play one setting for maybe six or so sessions and then move off somewhere else with new characters, super advancement does not come into. We do pick up old characters again but settings are designed with them in mind, an outline story but with flexibility to move away from it fast if players and/or dice decree.
I am playing in a 5E game at the moment. Rapid rise to L3, then a slow down. I suppose when I’m up over 6,000 APs, I look forward to putting LK up by 8 but then I know it will be a slow crawl to L5 and it will just get slower and longer.
I like a variety of characters I neither want to play nor GM the same ones week after week. I am happy for players to make up a character with special abilities, not just brand new 3d6 attribute by attribute PCs (although it is nice to go back to that sort of game often). 
So, I’d say put 5E advancement in dT&T as an option and cater for those who play week in and week out campaigns with the same PCS. It would be sad not to cater for more than one type of game…

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