Monday, June 10, 2013

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Rocknarrat -STR: 13 (26), DEX: 16, SPD: 11, CON: 13 (260, INT: 10, WIZ: 11, LK: 8, CHA: 12 - Level 2 in Rockrat form

With the words of the great spirit Nick Cave Troll echoing about the chamber, Rocknarrat commits both himself and the quivering Donjonetta to one particular strand of the intricate and endless web of future possibilities.

The demon reaches down towards them, its malodorous maw a ravening black hole, seemingly sucking at them, its claws extended just as their lives seem to recoil, like a supernova retreating into neutron star state.

The demon swoops and plucks up the body of the Necromancer and the once formidable sorceress becomes nothing more than a bubbling soup of amino acids.

And then - the demon howls and its baleful eyes fix you with a look of such malignancy that both you and Donjonetta have to make a L2 SR on CON as the Guardian explodes into green goop, splattering corpses, walls and delvers with absolute equanimity.

'You done good!' spits the dwarf, wiping ichor from her beard. 'Now twist the ring the other way,' she urges. 'After all, one good turn deserves another...'

You will need to roll for Donjonetta's CON with modifier (I will compile her stats next time).

1 comment:

  1. Assuming CON for Rocky is (26) in rock form...

    Als - a dwarf gets x2 on CON...


    Donjonetta CON: 3,5,6 = 14 x2 = 28

    Rocky's L2 SR vs CON = 1,1 + 1,2 = 5 + 26 = 31
    Donjo's L2 SR vs CON = 1,4 + 28 = 33

    Both seem to be OK from flying bone shrapnel, but nonetheless in need of some goo-be-gone