Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raising the Dead

Rocknarrat -STR: 13 (26), DEX: 16, SPD: 11, CON: 13 (260, INT: 10, WIZ: 11, LK: 8, CHA: 12 - Level 2 in Rockrat form

That first twist was good! What will the twist to the left do? Donjonetta looks on with eager eyes as your fingers do the business on the Necromancer's ring...

Try a L1 SR on the average of WIZ and CHR (and we'll allow rounding up).

As she sees the ring move beneath your digits, the dwarf utters another imprecation to the largely uncaring Gristlegrim. She's on the verge of taking vows of chastity.


  1. sorry mark...i am out of town for a few days...

  2. ok...i scrounged up some dice at my sister's house...

    average of WIZ and CHA is 11.5, so 12 rounded up

    Need a good roll...

    4,6 - woot...10 + 12 = 22