Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire

You execute the move with rare aplomb. There is a distinct sound of breaking teeth as Rocknarrat drives a stone rat deep down the throat of the unsuspecting Necromancer. There is barely time for her to gag or to realise that she has bitten off far more than she can chew before Donjonetta drops as a deadweight onto the sorceress. You jump backwards smartly as the sound of cracking ribs join with the dwarf's wild cry of 'Tulta munille!' [Look it up]

Things are not looking too bright for the Necromancer and they get worse when Siouxsie whispers something dark and murderous in her ear. You might think of checking her pulse, searching her pockets and all manner of sensible things but you are stopped in your tracks by the ashen look that falls across Donjonetta's visage.

She is looking behind her, behind you all and begins mouthing that same battle cry soundlessly as she takes in a shape coalescing in the mortuary. The banshee uses her 'have a nice day' voice to inform you both that Donjonetta has, regrettably, spoken the true name of the Guardian she told you of and has summoned it. That she did not mean to and only wanted to impress her chums may not cut that much ice...

It looks a tough ask for you to get the Necromancer out of the road and scarper but you could try to make an undignified dash for safety and hope your new mates can buy you some time. This time there are no choices - you need to make a decision that could be pivotal. What will Rocknarrat do now?

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  1. For better or for worse, I am not leaving my comrades...so I will help them subdue the warlock, but will also use anything to block the door from closing on me.