Monday, May 13, 2013

Another dollar, another box

Moving cautiously to the right hand box, you take on the risky task of opening it, backed by the voice of logic.

Of course, potentially lethal objects are released from the holes as soon as you atttempt this heroically gauche task. They emerge at photonic pace, even without a large hadron collider to bring this about. Ah, isn't khremm convenient! These 'things' explode in a haze of oily smoke that not even a gravel-throated chainsmoker would welcome.

Make a L1 SR on CON to se if you are fit to see what this chest contains...

1 comment:

  1. Well, I' not seeing a CON stat, so I'll follow Jerry's lead and create one... *rolls*.

    6+4+3 = 13. Respectable. Now for that SR...

    A 5 and a 1.. Ah. SR missed by 1 under pre 7.x, just made under 7.x.

    Your call.