Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Waiting Game

Donjonetta frets about the lack of a door but Siouxsie tells her that if she moves the corpse with the particularly large nose she will see that the stone underneath has a lid and is hinged - this is the way the Necromancer comes in and out of this little mortuary.

'This wizard must be strong,' the dwarf observes. 'It's not that easy to flip up stone and body.'

Siouxsie readily agrees. 'The wizard is no book-weaned fop. She has bulging biceps and can toss these bodies about like confetti.'

That doesn't sound too good - someone who can raise the dead and works out every day.

'Can't you scream at her and at least put her off her stride?' Donjonetta enquires of the banshee.

'I wish!' Siouxsie sighs. 'She just casts a 'Gobstopper' spell on me - she's very quick too!'

At this unwanted news, you hear the stone lid shifting and you see Big Nose beginning to rise.

Time to put any plan into operation. Siouxie won't be much help but is willing to be shut up to at least take some of the heat of you two. Donjonetta is climbing up on to the slab one up from the Hooterman, ready to drop down and scissor-crush the Necromancer's windpipe with her quivering thighs, which have been known to end many an amorous aspiration.

And you, my much mutated muchacho?

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  1. I will be planning on shoving a dead rat in the necromancer's mouth so that I can hopefully prevent a spell from being cast upon being laid upon by our dwarven friend.