Sunday, May 26, 2013

Net Gain

There is a little chemistry between you and the spirit. It certainly wasn't magic but you have enough in common to make it worth a second date.

She tells you that her brother was murdered by a trickster, who turned her to spirit and put her beneath the ice, doomed to wail alone across eternity, until she finds a friend. You can understand why she is keen to lock in these feelings of bon homie.

'There is just one way out of here,' she tells you. 'You must descend into my prison and overcome the Guardian on the other side of the door. I have heard it roaring and hissing. It sounds savage but I think the three of us might triumph or, at worst two of us could slip past while the other makes a heroic sacrifice!' She looks meaningfully at the sleeping dwarf.

'I could understand if your loyalty lies with your wife though.'

Then she tells you of the dreadful things she wishes to do to the trickster when she gets out of this place (or more properly, have you do since she has this little intangibility problem). She rants on for a good half an hour and manages to convince you that she is quite mad, poor thing.

Eventually Donjenetta wakes from her reveries and is keen to get out of this rat-pit. She is willing to lower you down in the net and then...her plan doesn't seem to have covered her own escape but perhaps it is best to rely on quick wits and live in the moment.

Are you willing to be lowered Moses-like down into the depths? If so, you must make another L1 SR on CON as you go down; if not, you can try lowering the dwarf which would take a L2 SR on STR.

You are welcome to contribute a third way, of course.

1 comment:

  1. I am assuming that the dwarf is stronger then I am ...unless my new stone form has granted me some additonal strength?

    I will assume this dwarf can lower me down...

    L1 SR CON = 2-5 = 7 + 13 = 20 - made it!

    Too bad I cannot take some stoned rats and drive them into the walls of the pit for foot holds :)