Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Breaking The Ice

Like a good little fellow, you do as your new playmate suggests.

As luck would have it (no saving roll or jacket required!), a punch of rats come out of the rat holes as you turn round and your gorgon-gaze kicks in, no questions, this time. Harvesting rock rats like a veteran with help from dwarven hands, the pair of you do some bonding by huzzing rat bombs down on the ice below.

Crrrr-ackkk! Kerpow! And more gratuitous sound effects per the early Spiderman's I've been reading). The ice is no match for your ratzkrieg and it is soon fit only for cocktails and other poultry applications.

What you have uncovered is not immediately apparent because floating up from the depths of the box-shaft comes a wailing banshee! It rises quickly to a reggae beat as it moans and groans its most miserable lamentations at you.

You can:

-wail right back with a L2 SR on LK and CHR

-stick your fingers in your ears (L1 SRs on SPD and INT)

-give it an old fashioned look with your wig-wizardry (L1 SRs on WIZ and CON)

-slam the lid down sharpish (L2 SR on SPD)

-throw the dwarf down on top of the Siouxie (L2 SR STR)

-something completely different of your own devising

(Boy, I'm glad I don't have to write all this up as solo paragraphs!)

1 comment:

  1. Well, that was unexpected! Not that a dwarf trapped down a shaft being rescued by a Rocknaratt is exactly common-place.


    Ordinarily I'd think that slamming the chest shut would be quite in-effective against what I believe is a spirit, it'd just fly straight through but, given that the ice held it back (I assume), I think it's a fairly safe assumption that the lid, even if it doesn't stop it dead in it's tracks will at least leave it with a lump on its head at the speed it's traveling at.

    There is however the matter of the SR, 14 (13 factoring in level) or more needed on 2D6 is a tough call.. Still, what's the point in being a hero unless you attempt heroic things?

    Here goes.. *rolls*.

    A 5 and a 4.. Close (L1), but no cigar.. Not too late to blurt out Happy House is it?