Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bad Hair Day

Slapping the gorgon wig on is undoubtedly brave [and must be worth 50 APs if anyone is that way inclined] but Someone up there is not amused and takes offence, in fact. There is a sizzling sound as the wig destroys your hair (permanently, I'm afraid, with no chance of follicle grafts, much less natural regrowth].

Your baleful look does not turn the on-rushing rodents to stone but instead your inner eyes renders you a living ratman statue, still capable of 1/2 speed movement but definitely on the clunky side of the reaction tracks.

I have heard tell of rat gods but never of rat dentists. If one there be, he or she or it will be kept busy, if these unfortunates have a health policy, as the little guys break their incisors, molars and indeed jaws on your instantly hardened form. Make  a L7 SR on DEX. If you miss it (and many will hope you do) the amount you failed by indicates the number of stomped on little bodies you have to add to your rat fricassee recipe.

You are now the undisputed monarch of this room, having seen off both rats and baboon. However, there is still no way out,of here, as the joker said to the thief, and in all the confusion your only relief would seem to be to either:

- do what you are now probably very good at and wait stock still for some delvers to show up and then either ambush them or try to cajole your way into their party

- finally face the terrors of the the still shaking left-hand box...

1 comment:

  1. DEX is a 16...

    4-4, 3-2 = 13 + 16 = 29 (SR 3 with level bonus)

    so 50-30 = 20 poor smashed bodies?

    I would say open the other damn box...