Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Give 'em Enough Rope

Although there is no rope to be found in this deslote room, a net gain accrues, quite literally, from opening that middle chest which contained, as you no doubt, remember, a net.

There is little difficulty (for you realise that your STR is appreciably greater as a stone-skinned rat-man) in hoisting the delightful Donjanetta up and out of the chest/shaft. As well as telling you her name, she says that she comes from a rich and loving family who will doubtless wish to reward you if you help her get out of this place, preferable laden down with booty.

She asks your name and to hear  something of your life story for she percieves you to be an intereting fellow. She also wonders if you might be able to turn rats into lump of rock she could use as bombs to break the ice.

She looks up at you expectantly...


  1. It is worth a try I guess...there are a bunch that are smashed all around us.

    (my chaotic side would turn her to stone and drop her down, but I will push away that urge, reward money is more important, eh!)

    1. Lol, that is pretty damn tempting.. And to think the idea didn't even occur to me.

      I must be slipping. ;0).