Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Unable to think of anything particularly sophisticated, Rocknarrat suggests to Donjonetta that she jumps down the shaft.

'But I'll bust me ankles, ya daft brush!' the clearly piqued draft yells down to you.

'I don't think so,' our rocky hero replies. 'You see, or you will soon, that I have arranged a soft landing for you, dear dwarfette. Go ahead, leap with gay abandon!'

Possibly rolling doubles on CHR, you convince Donjonetta to make a leap of faith...and she does indeed land softly, if not to say squishily, on the pile of corpses Rocknarrat has laid out at the bottom of the shaft. The dwarf extracts her foot from someone's mouth and exclaims 'What the fffff....?'

You are not ready to answer her question as you grill Siouxsie about the presence of these bodies. She tells you that a Necromancer has been stealing them from local graveyards and is planning to raise them as a zombie army on the night of the next full moon.

Sounds a fun friend to make!

Do you want to -

1) Clean up the mess and lie doggo, pretending to be one of the zombies in waiting and make a run for it when the chance arises

2) Make as much noise as you can and hope to bring the Necromancer running

3) Clean up, pretend to be a corpse and attack the Necromancer as and when

4) Try to befriend the Necromancer

5) Try to climb back up the shaft

1 comment:

  1. Leaving the mess may prove to be just as distracting as if we cleaned up and tried to pose as a dead body.

    I would vote we leave the mess and hide behind a pile near the door, if we know of a door being in the room.