Sunday, May 19, 2013

Taking The Plunge

The dwarf is charmed by your ability to out-cuss her and suspects you might even be worth drinking under the table one fine day.

'What kept ya, Peaches?', she bellows, trying to be seductive. 'You look cute with that toupee but remember, bald is beautiful!' And with that, her own wig slips off her head and falls down to the waiting ice.

'I guess you got zapped here too. Did ya open them other boxes. I bet ya did - that's how you got the headdress, ain't it? Say, what are you any how? Can't say I could put a name to your kind. That don't matter none...

'I can't reach this blamed ice to hack through it. It's got to be the way outta here or at least to some major booty. How about you haul my sorry ass back up and I lower you down, Your look as though you're gangly enough to reach the ice. You can whack away and I'll keep you from a cold bath. What do you say, handsome?'

You should feel free to respond to your garrulous and dazzling comrade in chaos, either in words or actions or a cunningly conceived combination.


  1. Breathing a figurative sigh of relief Gorgo-Rat is only more than happy to have found an ally.. Or at least someone that's not trying to kill him immediately.

    "I'm a man m'dear. Well, I was..."

    It then strikes our hero that much like the dwarf, he's none too sure what he is either. He assumes that he's still a man but, given that stone-skinned rats aren't common place, even in a place full of such chaotic magic, it's hard to say if he's the only one of his kind. What that kind is and, if that kind even has gender.. These thoughts were to say the least a little distressing.

    One minute you're an adventurer. The next you're an unknown. An unknown transfixed in an internal monologue whilst the world passes you by. Jumping with a start, our "her" turns once more to his new friend who is probably somewhat baffled by the long paws (pun wholly intended).

    "Just a moment m'love and I'll find something to haul you up with".


    1. Ah, Blogspot killed the back end of my post, well I did, but I'm blaming Blogspot.

      The last part of my post should read that our hero will search the immediate vicinity for ropes, chains, and anything else that may help him rescue his friend, A-Teaming it all together to perform his rescue.