Thursday, May 9, 2013

What's in the Box

Moving forward cautiously, you grasp the rodent handle of the middle box, deciding that this looks to be the safest bet. The shaking from the box on the left has not stopped and the right hand box looks to be booby-trapped.

As you take a grip on the handle, the lid lifts up and you see a thickly woven net, just like those used by fighters in the arena, but there is at the same time a flash of electric blue light accompanied by the whiff of sulphur and blue cheese - in an instant you are transformed into a rat-man complete with whiskers and a tail.

You feel stronger and no less smart and it seems natural to stand on two legs, although you figure you could scurry pretty quickly on four.

The baboon smells what's going on and its eyes light up at the prospect of a larger, more nourishing meal. It stalks towards you, drooling, with arms outstretched.

What do you want to do now?


  1. I'm Ratman!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Um, I guess I use my superior dexterity and improved strength to best my opponent before returning to town and spending all of my gold and silver on cheese.. LOTS of cheese.

  2. Still the same size, so a man-sized rat-man, or have we become more diminutive in the eyes of the hungry baboon?