Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Good Job There's No One Looking

Well, the wig fits nice and snug and there are no ill effects. I suppose I should add the magic word 'yet'...

Now it is a little known fact that rats, while looking up to the big guys in their community, do not like tomfoolery (or jerryfoolery for that matter and it does not escape my gimlet eye that our main commentators are cartoon characters) and so, when a bunch of rats emerge from the holes in the walls, they take umbrage at the cross-dressing shenanigins unfolding in this dark recess of their underground playground and surge towards the gorgo-ratman, whose attributes are unraveling before our eyes.

You could:

- fall on your knees and beg forgiveness (hmmm, L4 SR on CHR)

- hope the wig will turn them to stone if you fix them with a confident glare (L1 SR on WIZ)

- run in circles about this room to make them fall into a dizzy stupor (L3 SR on SPD)

- hoe into them as they're just a bunch of under-sized rodents and their sharp little teeth and ravenous appetites are nothing to one so high and mighty as you

In a multiverse such as the one Trollworld forms a not inconsequential part of there are undoubtedly many other things you might do but to be quite plain you do not think of any of them unless you make a L5 SR on INT in which your father has a brother named Bob...


  1. Lol, given the situation I put my faith in the wig.. A sentence that can't have been uttered too often throughout time.

    I transfix them with a stare as I boom forth the words, "kneel before me, for I am your GOD!"..

    Now I just need a WIZ stat, which is.. *rolls*

    So a 9 or better and we're in business (maybe). *rolls again*
    2 and a 1.. I think I just turned our hero into a piece of art. On the plus side, if I did just turn character into a statue the horde of rats will have a harder time nibbling him to death.

  2. Replies
    1. Lol, do not attempt to adjust your hair-piece...