Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pursuing Pandora

What's the worst that could happen? Now let's see - how long have you got? The worst that happened when the worst of the three boxes was opened last time someone got stuck in this room...well, not necesarily representative of the typical fate of heoic-style delvers but...Weebo, who does have an unfortunate tendency to open that which should remain firmly shut, raised the lid on a nice little mahogany chest, which bothshook and had holes with sharp pieces of metal clearly visible down little tubes, and threafter, for a whole month of Sundays, suffered froma plague of boils on all skin not exposed to the air at the time of lifting the lid.

So, that being said, which will it be: open the shaking trunk or the one that looks horribly vicious in an 'it's going to maim me' sort of way?


  1. Well, it seems most logical to open the viscous chest.

    Whatever is in the shaking chest wants out and it stands to reason that someone put it in there for a reason. Possibly nefarious but, a reason none the less. Also given the magical nature of the chest we already opened, we may well find ourselves sharing a chest space made for one with whatever is rattling about inside it.

    The other chest however will likely only lop off a bit at worst and, we are easily swift enough (and small enough) to dodge out of the way of any mantraps. Not to mention that you don't generally ward a chest so heavily unless there is something worth protecting inside.

  2. Agreed...unless there is a secret door around here somewhere...