Monday, May 20, 2013

The City of Porttree

Now communications of Khaghtch'an, the Kraken continent, are a might more primitive than they are in our world - but then we're not so hot with instant magical fixes so we shouldn't brag. The lack of cell phones and the like mean that spellings are rather less fixed, txting aside, than they are for us. Any person or place is likely to have several variants on the name  if there is a degree of fame or notoriety.

I had been spelling Porttree on the extreme western edge of the continent with just one 't', perhaps thinking of the Isle of Skye and past holidays out of England, I realise now that it should more properly have two 'ts' because it is named after a sentient and long-living tree around which the port was very sensibly built.

Krakens dominate the western oceans and it is this tree that, in its annual audience with the krakens, prevails upon the monsters of the deep not to flail away at the settlements on the coast - shipping is fair game but not the land,

I had always believed that spelling is important and now I am more convinced than ever.

Back to the dangling dwarf soon, I hope...

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