Friday, May 10, 2013

Baboon's Are Dextrous Too

The baboon, which is roughly equal size and weight with you, somersaults over your head as you attempt to evade it and head off back to town to eat cheese and spend gold. Of course, you have no cheese, you have no gold and there is no known way back to town, but you can be forgiven for being somewhat delusional at this stage in your young, and quite possibly short, career as a dungeon delver.

Landing easily on its feet, the simian assailant launches itself for the small of your back, teeth gnashing as it comes.

You can:

a) try to dodge it with L1 SRs on SPD and DEX

b) spin about and swing a fierce uppercut at its jaw (same saving rolls but if you make them you roll 1d6 and get your adds on top for a clinically executed sucker punch on the ape

c) pirouette prettily, stick your tongue out with you fingers in your ears, attempting to shame the baboon into a blubbering, self-loathing wreck (you need a L2 SR on CHR for this)

d) lie down on the floor and invite your hungry companion to tuck in, perhaps sprinkling salt, pepper and other condiments over your exposed tender bits, in the time-honoured fashion of airplane passengers stranded on remote Andean mountain tops

Good luck, soldier!

1 comment:

  1. I would say dodging will only make the hungry beast keep coming at me...unless I can dodge and get close to a wall, then dodge again to get it to knock itself out!

    I need to show it who is the more dominant mammalian and will give him an uppercut as he goes by.

    Two saves eh! But, I don't know what my stats are?

    (roll, roll) I have 11 SPD and a 16 DEX

    LVL 1 SR vs SPD = 2,2/6,5 = 15 + 11 = 26
    LVL 1 SR vs DEX = 1,3 = 4 + 16 = 20

    No problem on the SPD, barely made it on the DEX