Monday, April 20, 2015

A Nice Cup of Tea

Tyree is a one street town and its most obvious attraction is the Jasmine Dragon Tea Rooms. Since Gibby is in the race - and is still some distance from Tyree - the Tea Rooms are calm and the people are not as much on edge as they would otherwise be.

Jasmine Dragon tea has definite magical properties: sometimes they are beneficial and sometimes they are detrimental to health, happiness and diverting from one's purpose.

As not all the wagon drivers have reached Tyree this night - and two have been and gone - the citizens kindly bring tea for everyone who is not able to able to sup in the Tea Rooms.

Those getting a favourable reaction to the tea are Gibby (of course!), Ivy, Lucky, Rainbro, Tommy and Buzz (all get an extra roll every turn from now); those having adverse responses are: Phloog, Dalup, Hrothgar, Lucy and Phlaag (does not mix well with ogre blood, 'twould seem) who will from now on suffer 1,3 as a critical fumble as well as 1,2.

Standings are:

Ivy 207
Phloog 191.5
Dalup the Dwarf 182
Kangaroo Jack 178
Hrothgar 173.5
Lucky 173
Rainbro 144.5
Buzz/Tommy 138.5
Chester/Gibby 119.5
Lucy Bottom 91
Phlaag 80

The number target for the finish is 240. From Tyree to Khaboom, the test is on the horse's constitution. Ivy's vampire horse may well prove a tough old beast and Gibby should be able to rely on Chester to soldier on but the others?
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  1. Chester is askance at the idea of drinking tea made out of Aladdin's girlfriend!