Sunday, April 12, 2015

Flogging a Dead Horse

So, here are the rolls for Day 6:

- Lucky 19 (DARO)

- Phloog 9

- Phlaag 8

- Lucy Bottom 7

- Ivy 4

- Gibby Honeydew 8

- Tommy Two-Time 4

- Kangaroo Jack 8

- Buzz 25 (DARO x2)

- Chet the Centaur 9

- Dalup the Dwarf 7

- Rainbro 18 (DARO)

- Hrothgar 7

Most of the drivers know where they're headed and this stage of the race is about getting the most out of the horses. That's an interesting condundrum for Chet, since the centaur os pulling his own cart.

Lucy Bottom is still lost and makes absolutely no progress towards Pillbox on this dark day (extra roll for Lucy) while Tommy finds his horse unforgiving after being scared witless by his driving on more than one occasion already - there;s a long way to go and when Tommy pitches tent for the night, he fails to secure the horse, which promptly bolts (Tommy has to give up on sleeping and search for the animal in the moonlight - extra roll for Tommy, please).

Another is trouble is Ivy - perhaps predeictably, horses get freaked by vampires and when ivy bares her fangs to urge the beast on, it collapses in fright and Ivy needs to either dredge up some vet skills or sink her teeth in... (either way, an extra roll is required).

Notable feats of the day come from Buzz (who would have thought an ugly uruk could love a horse so much - 4 extra rolls for the positive effect), Rainbro (3 extra rolls - this kid has got over a bad start and has been flying ever since), Lucky (at last living up to his billing - 3 extra rolls). These drivers got get blood from a stone horse (useful if we enter gorgon country).

Kangaroo Jack, Gibby and both ogre brothers strike a chord with their horses and get one extra dice roll each); perversely, Chet finds an extra dimension to his personality and forgets fatigue and fear for forging furiously forward (all those flying f's are worth an extra roll in the hay too).

So that's it for Day 6. Tomorrow most drivers should be descending from the heights towards the target and they can really go hell for leather - but will the carts take it? 2 rolls each for tomorrow (plus any extra ones prescribed above).


  1. If you take two pips off my dice roll from yesterday do you add them to my next roll?

  2. I must have made a mistake - I will amend and that means you get an extra 'positive' dice roll because 8 was the cut off :)

  3. I already e-mailed you, Mark. If I repeated that information here, it would indicate that I'm not as lazy as my reputation.