Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Cart Before The Horse

The Cart Before The Horse

Faced with a ravenous vampire horse to tend to, Ivy has a great stroke of fortune and passes a knacker's yard where she purchases a decrepit beast destined for the gluepot. The blood does the trick for her horse and she flies along the road to the city centre, barely missing a beat.
The ogre brothers may well have benefitted from the Jasmine Dragon tea as they are both jet-propelled and Phloog has Ivy in his sights (or from her perspective, he is choking on her dust).
Lucky has pulled away from both Dalup and Kangaroo Jack and is intent on hooking up with a transport vortex, known to very few in the city but quite possibly detectable by him.
Lucy Bottom is forced to join Rainbro in dropping out when her horse (a sentient beast, known as 'Smartie') gets bored with proceedings and heads back home to Castle Bllstrik, heedless of Lucy's curses - actually, Lucy too decides that plunder is more attractive than merely finishing the race).
It is hard to tell what Hrothgar has in mind. The throaty barbarian stumbled across the entrance to some long-forgotten catacombs and has disappeared from view. Rumours in the city suggest he has unearthed a valuable relic but whether it will assist him in the race or just lift him up to the skies in glory remains to be seen (bonus 'treasure' roll for Hrothgar).

With Pentagram Square and the cheering multitudes just around the corner for the leaders, the standings are:

Ivy        232
Phloog        223.5
Lucky        210
Dalup the Dwarf        197
Kangaroo Jack        196
Hrothgar        193.5
Buzz/Tommy        157.5
Chester/Gibby        155.5
Phlaag        112

Tomorrow will see a winner crowned so honour the Dice Goddess!

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