Monday, April 13, 2015

Racing Into Pillbox (bonuses for those wearing leopardskin hats)

I wonder if anyone did bring one of those hats?

The sleepy one-tavern village is in sight for the leaders and those not facing serious delays or 'other' problems...

Speaking of which:

Tommy Two-Time failed in his latest attempt to mess with the 4th dimension and has to get down to some dancing in the dark as he tries to hunt down his runaway nag. On the plus side, Tommy does eventually find the horse but on the downside, the poor animal has been half-eaten by the local leopards and clearly won't be pulling anything ever again. What's worse, Wizard Control only watch over tents and campsites at night and Tommy has had to go some distance from his tent and now hears snarling and the licking of feline lips... Tommy is welcome to say what he wants to attempt and send in some dice rolls...

As for Lucy Bottom, she finally gets back her sense of direction and makes her way towards Pillbox with not even the tracks of the other drivers to follow as she is so far back that the wind has turned the dust over a long time ago. Still, she is - technically - still in the race.

Now, Ivy - things look bad for Ivy's horse so Ivy does what any self-respecting vampire would surely do and bites the beast in the neck. She has never managed to make a vampire of anything non-human before but this time, lo and behold, there is magic in the night air and the the horse rises undead with suoernatural strenght and Ivy waits until the mandatory sleeping period is over and sets off with scary speed.

The disaster of the day befalls (drum roll) our centaur friend, Chester... He really fancies himself as a flyer but does not consider whether his wagon is his equal - it is not. As he takes a daring approach to a rocky mogul and gets airborn (no Pegasius, he, much to his chagrin!), yelling offputting warnings to any driver within earshot about vampires and werewolves, his cart lands less stoutly than he does. The centaur finds himself pulling matchsticks and sees a depressing pile of splinters behind him. He needs to decide whether he attempts a repair or tries to get another cart in Pillbox (is it allowed in the rules?) or something else... (that would mean sending quite few extra dice rolls!).

Making best headway today, are Dalup and Phloog - 2 extra positive dice rolls. One extra dice roll for Ivy, Kangaroo Jack (who is bounding along in a seemingly indestructible cart) and Lucky.

Phloog is proving himself to be quite the gentleman, picking up Hrothgar's scantily-clad temple maiden and making sure she stays warm at night before he can drop her off in Pillbox. May they be very happy and snug together and may Hrothgar's rage not be incandescent!

Rather than give yesterday's many dice rolls, I'm just giving the standings (with relative-to-each-other scores):

Dalup the Dwarf
Kangaroo Jack
Chet the Centaur           
Lucy Bottom
Tommy Two-Time
Gibby Honeydew

Ivy is the laast driver to get to Pillbox before nightfall, the others having to sleep some way away. Chet is broken down outside the village being laughed at by bored local youths; a pair called Tanmay and Wiremu are particularly annoying in their repetitive baby-chanting.

The big news delivered on arrival in Pillbox is that the cargo to be collected by each driver and safely packed for the journey back to Khaboom is a grandfather clock - both heavy (no help lifting) and fragile. The dice rolls for tomorrow will indicate the success or failure of the packing.


  1. The ex- temple maiden has brothers. So, look after her Phloog. There's a tavern in the town, in the town!

  2. I understand Phloog is quite the gentleogreman...