Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Race is On!

-  Lucky     11

- Phloog          5

- Phlaag      5

- Lucy Bottom   15 (2 sets of doubles)

- Ivy           10

- Gibby Honeydew       8

- Tommy Two-Time           5

- Kangaroo Jack       9

- Buzz       7

- Chet the Centaur           7

- Dalup the Dwarf       10 (doubles)

- Rainbro       5

- Hrothgar       6

When the starter's gun backfires, taking his head off and showering onlookers in hot, sticky blood, the race gets off to its typically messy start with drivers determined to get out in front, despite the marathon nature of the event.

Away into the suburbs first is Lucy Bottom (whose wagon is pulled by a sentient horse), closely followed by the dwarves, Lucky and Dallup, and then Ivy, whose fangs are set in fierce concentration.

Early trouble comes for the ogre brothers, Phlaag and Phloog, who really shouldn't act like Siamese twins but their talent for judgement allows them to narrowly avoid clashing wheels. Not so good for Rainbro and Tommy Two-Time who get blocked off at sharp left turn by Hrothgar, causing the two unlucky drivers to collect water troughs on the side of the street and lose a wheel each.

I need more dice rolls from everyone but two sets for Tommy and Rainbro.

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