Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Perilous Pitstop

Those punters backing the centaur a more than a little alarmed when he turns round and heads back towards Pillbox in the dark of the night. It transpires that he has heard the sounds of conflict and stumbles upon Gibby and his assailant. The hobbit more than likely would have woken up and given his enemy a right seeing to but even Gibby remembers his manners and thanks Chester when he works out it's not a kidnap attempt. At this point, Gibby decides to abandon his wagon, kicking it to pieces in a sudden tempest of temper, and joins Chester for the rest of the trip, promising him a real drink up when they get to Tyree.

Buzz and Tommy eventually fend off their attackers and get going but they seem a sorry sight, both nursing bruises and black eyes and progress is slow, with frequent stops because the jolting journey sits well with neither their nerves nor their bones.

Both Ivy and Phloog make it into Tyree before nightfall and look well set for the race to Khaboom, the prize and the title. The ogre is growing anxious about the fate of the wench one the race is over (more below).

Here are the standings:

Ivy        193
Phloog        187.5
Dalup the Dwarf        178
Kangaroo Jack        172
Hrothgar        168.5
Lucky        160
Rainbro        133.5
Buzz/Tommy        129.5
Chester/Gibby        113.5
Lucy Bottom        86
Phlaag        76

Note from Mad Roy:-

In the city of Khaboom is an establishment called Luker's Place. It is run by a beautiful woman names Philathea Lukeromanowishkawsi. She grew up in the slums of that metropolis, and clawed her way to the top. She married two very rich old men both of whom died with a big smile on their face. With her inheritance she built the Place, a huge hotel with restaurant, a sports arena, a casino, and a high class tavern. She is known for taking beautiful young women off the streets and turning them into high class courtesans which she then arranges marriages with the upper crust of society. She is a major player in the politics and business of Khaboom.

Phloog has made many deliveries to her Place and she likes him. He knows that Zillayna would not be happy with him in the long run, and is thinking he could take her to Luker's place when the cart race is over. The half-ogre thinks Hrothgar is not the kind of fellow to take proper care of this girl he has come to love. Philathea would make her a lady and find her a good match.

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