Friday, April 10, 2015

But That' What the Map Says, Honey!

Day 4 and the drivers are pouring over the maps they bought (or drew themselves in a few desperate cases). There is no official map and it is unlikely many have the one-horse village of Pillbox marked down so for most it is a matter of assessing the general direction and asking along the way of the folk that live out here - by now, those who do scratch their living in these hills have no heard of the race and would be unlikely to give two hoots. Gold may loosen lips though.

The dice rolls are:

-  Lucky     6

- Phloog          7

- Phlaag      7

- Lucy Bottom   11

- Ivy           19 (DARO)

- Gibby Honeydew       6

- Tommy Two-Time           4

- Kangaroo Jack       7

- Buzz       11

- Chet the Centaur           10

- Dalup the Dwarf       9

- Rainbro       10

- Hrothgar      11

 All the drivers decide to skirt the mountains with two exceptions: Gibby Honeydew and Tommy Two-Time. Most stick to the south side, figuring the elves of Hemnin will be more friendly than the Iron Duke and his dwarves but Lucky and Dalup trust to cousinly goodwill. As for Gibby, the hobbit makes a beeline for the small village of Tyree where he lives and attends to some business which Wizard Control are blocked from seeing. He loses 5 hours in the process but emerges with a goofy smile on his lop-sided face. And Tommy? He heads straight for those high mountain passes, relying on Wizard Control to ward off yetis and trusting to his horse's stout lungs.

The final report from Day 4 concerns Hrothgar. The barbarian either doesn't get the rules or is just plain rebellious (probably both actually). He has had someone bring his real Throat along behind the racers and only pretends to be asleep at night before leaping on to the monster and charging off in the direction of unsuspecting Pillbox! Fortunately, Wizard Control notice these things and a temporary Spirit Mastery spells has him under sedation for the night and back on the wagon in the morning.

Here are the standings one fifth into the race:

Chet the Centaur            47
Kangaroo Jack 42
Ivy 42
Dalup the Dwarf 39
Hrothgar 34
Lucy Bottom 33
Phloog 32
Buzz 32
Rainbro 29
Lucky 26
Tommy Two-Time 21
Gibby Honeydew 0
Phlaag -22

More dice rolls please (2 sets for Tommy and 3 sets for Gibby).


  1. Hrothgar has a throat, aye. He also has a riding Thoat.

  2. Marcus: Disappointing dice roll today, which I've emailed to you along with some flavorless text.

    Darcy: My sympathy for your sore Thoat. Perhaps swabbing it with iodine will help?