Friday, April 17, 2015

Don't Drop Your Lollies

Some of the drivers take extra care over this treacherous, rugged ground they are crossing today while others apply the hammer and let the Devil take their hindlegs.

Phlaag finally gets his clock stowed, downs a swift yard and a half of ale (and the rest) with his old mates in the Pigswillers Tavern, before shooting out again overt the horizon .

Lucy Bottom charges at breakneck speed and her cargo survives the assault on its delicate mechanism and glass front; Gibby is truly back on track and scythes through unwitting bystanders with his axe leg as they press too close for his liking (extra roll for the mad hobbit).

Buzz loses the reins at a critical moment and veers over a bank, turning his cart on its side to the unlovely sound of breaking glass and weird time-chiming - he is out but, unexpectedly, Tommy Two-Time appears on the rough track just where Buzz left terra firma.  He has a clock well-packed and offers Buzz a ride as his navigator. More rules examination here, one suspects...

Hrothgar maintains his lead but Phloog is fixed on taking the lead and is eating up the miles, the horse being handfed dried fruit and barley oats as he hangs over the side of the cart, thrilling Zilayna, the temple maiden, who has been having the ride of her life, notwithstanding that her pulse was oft times set racing by the big barbarian she may well be seeing again soon!

Other bonus rolls accrue to: Kangaroo Jack  (2 extra, 3 in total), Chester and Ivy (1 extra, 2 in total).

Everyone seems set for a good night's sleep when Phloog hears an ominous cracking sound at the back end of his wagon just as he is tucking Zilayna in for the night and telling her a bedtime story (extra roll for Phloog - this a saving roll).

The standings now are:

Hrothgar        164.5
Ivy        158
Phloog        156.5
Dalup the Dwarf        146
Kangaroo Jack        145
Lucky        138
Rainbro        124.5
Chet the Centaur                   122
Buzz/Tommy        119.5
Gibby Honeydew        102.5
Lucy Bottom        78
Phlaag        69

Wizard Control are occupied this night on a grand rules disputation and the camps are lacking in their avuncular (not to mention all-but-omnipotent) care. The rolls for tomorrow relate to what happens (or not) overnight but will also count towards getting to Tyree.

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