Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Get Out of Denver

Two drivers, Tommy Two-Time and Rainbro are staring down the barrel of serious repair work to their wagons. Rainbro is a wet-behind-the-ears kid but knows how to handle basic repairs - his task is not too tough but he loses over 2 hours getting back into racing shape. Not so Tommy, A very rare fellow indeed, Tommy screws up his face and then blinks, looking rather startled. Time has shifted and Tommy finds himself just behind Rainbro, who still loses his wheel but Tommy is able to negotiate the water trough easily this time. Wizard Control consult with the Guild Rulesman but Tommy has not cast a spell so is it is allowed to slip past unchallenged.

As the drivers move out into the less densely populated outlying districts of the sprawling city of Khaboom every driver has the chance to press the pedal to the metal and show a clean pair of heels.

The dice rolls are:

-  Lucky     9

- Phloog          10

- Phlaag      1,2 critical fumble

- Lucy Bottom   5

- Ivy           7

- Gibby Honeydew       8

- Tommy Two-Time           5

- Kangaroo Jack       10

- Buzz       8

- Chet the Centaur           17 (DARO)

- Dalup the Dwarf       14 (DARO again!)

- Rainbro       18 (DARO)

- Hrothgar      11

 An amazing burst of speed sees Chet the Centaur whiz his wagon over potholes and round corners, heedless of life and limb. His burst is so startling that it takes a daring whip-raised ride from Dalup to keep up with. Rainbro can't catch the leaders but does make up serious ground on the pack as Wizard Control scan his wagon for signs of magic on the wheel repair - he's good though!

The early leader, Lucy Bottom, looks to have a problem: as she drops back and first Dalup and the Chet pass her, it looks as if she as over-spurred her horse and the animal is not moving freely (extra two dice roll for Lucy please).

The rest are steaming along nicely to the cheers of the citizens whose homes and shops are decked out with colourful bunting - this is a great day for the city. The exception is poor Phlaag who has to part company with his older and smarter brother. The half-ogre misjudges a hill and takes to the air and when he lands it is to the shattering of an axle and he grinds to an embarrassing halt. There is serious repair work to be done if he is to get back into the race which, fortunately, has a long way to run (another dice roll for Phlaag - does he have a repair talent?).

As the field reaches the forests surrounding the city proper, the speed the drivers are travelling at can only be maintained if they have really taken good care of their animals - the next 2 dice roll relates to that so if you have a talent for animal care/training or something similar, do let me know.

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