Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Home Straight

Galloping past the great outer wall of Khaboom come the leaders!

There have been a few complaints about the tea drinking of yesterday evening but c'est la vie - a level playing field was provided and that is more than most get.

The tragedy of the day is the death of a horse. Rainbro pushes his animal past the limit of its constitution and it gives up the ghost. All he can do is to whisper a few words of thanks and commend the passing of a brave soul before hitching a ride back to Khaboom with Lucy Bottom, who seems glad of the company.

The standings are:

Ivy 223
Phloog 199.5
Lucky 193
Dalup the Dwarf 192
Kangaroo Jack 186
Hrothgar 178.5
Buzz/Tommy 152.5
Rainbro 147.5
Chester/Gibby 143.5
Lucy Bottom 98
Phlaag 88

The two dwarves are racing neck and neck and have Phloog in their sights; Kangaroo Jack and Hrothgar are slipping out of contention while Ivy seems able to drive her vampire horse as hard as she likes without penalty.

Bonus rolls tomorrow accrue to Phlaag, Phloog and Jack.

Gibby now believes this is a pairs race and sees Buzz and Tommy as the only rivals to Chester and him (they both get a bonus roll).

The betting is settling now with books closing on Ivy... but you never now where those doubles will land...
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