Thursday, April 16, 2015

High Roads and Low Roads - I'll Be in Tyree Afore ye

You'll Take The High Road and I'll The Low Road (and I'll Be in Tyree Afore Ye)

Starting at the back of the field, the ogre Phlaag is driving his horse on and really would deserve a place near the front of the field, the way he's setting about his work now - if only he hadn't got off to that 'mare of a start! He's far to go to reach Pillbox but earns a bonus roll.

Lucy Bottom looks as if she will have no difficulty in bearing down on Tyree, unlike Pillbox, and earns 2 bonus rolls as does Chester, who is champing at the bit (silly to do that to yourself as it makes eating tricky) to gain ground on the movers and shakers out ahead.

Gibby Honeydew really should have no problems finding home - but to assume that would be to discount the very essence of Gibby-ness... He burns up the last of the Jasmine Dragon tea effect, rocketing away from Pillbox, but seems to forget where he is going and is making a beeline for Khaboom - extra roll tomorrow to see if he realises his oversight.

Others who have picked the route to Tyree with distinction are Hrothgar (2 bonus rolls), Dalup, Ivy, Phloog and Rainbro (one bonus roll each) and Lucky, who possesses a survey map of the land west of Khaboom and is able to pick out an 'as-the-crow-flies' route to his target (2 bonus rolls). Buzz puts his struggles with the clock in Pillbox behind him at last and goads his gallant horse into heroics, following in Lucky's wake and gaining 2 bonus rolls.

Standings now are:

Hrothgar        141.5
Dalup the Dwarf        134
Kangaroo Jack        131
Ivy        131
Phloog        123.5
Lucky        119
Rainbro        113.5
Buzz        106.5
Gibby Honeydew        92.5
Chet the Centaur                   92
Lucy Bottom        76
Phlaag        53
Tommy Two-Time        34.5

The terrain gets rough tomorrow for everyone, even Phlaag who is about to reach Pillbox, and the test is to see if that precious cargo can be kept intact as the drivers press for even more pace.

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