Monday, April 6, 2015

Under Starter's Orders!

The contestants for the Khaboom Wagon-driving Championship are lined up in Pentagram Square for the start of the big race.

No one knows where they are going to yet - just that they have to head west out of the city until they receive further orders. They also do not know what it is they must collect and bring back to Pentagram Square - it might be fragile, it might be very bulky but everyone has a wagon that is large enough for the cargo to be stowed.

Wizard Contol will be following proceedings, relaying the action to great scrying screens in the city for the crowds to watch. They will also ensure that competitors are safe from monsters and other perils as they traverse the Kraken continent and that no one attacks a rival or the wagon of a rival.

The race is long - about 3 weeks on the roads and the prize of 10,000 GPs to the winner has attracted a large, quality field.

There are the drivers in the contest:

- a L9 dwarf named Lucky

- a half-ogre named Phloog (L5)

- his brother Phlaag (also L5)

- an adventuress named Lucy Bottom (L9)

- a vampiress by the name of Ivy (L6)

- an axe-legged hobbit, Gibby Honeydew (L10)

- a rather strange fellow answering to Tommy Two-Times (L2)

- a kangakin known as Kangaroo Jack (L6)

- an uruk called Buzz (L1)

- Chet the Centuar (pulling his own wagon; L30 no less!)

- Dalup the Dwarf (L3)

- Rainbro (L3 steam punk)

- Hrothgar (L3 fighting man)

As is so often the case, once the race gets under way and the drivers leave Pentagraqm Square, thinder down the broad Champs Elysee and hit the narrow city streets, the drivers have to exercise good judgement not to collide with one another or hit lamposts or the like.

Everyone needs to roll 2d6 (DARO) and report back the results within 24 hours (or I roll for you).

May fortune smile upon you and your wagons be well-sprung!


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