Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Clocking In - The Turning Point

Official Pronouncements

1) Poor Tommy is out of the race. He does get teleported back to the city in one piece but not so his horse or his cart. Time would not turn again when he needed it to - those dice rolls were consistently cruel.
2) Chester the Centaur's need for a new wagon: The centaur has to make a hands and hooves plea to Wizard Control - if they let him acquire a new cart, he will not have completed the whole race with a cart - which is essential. [Rolls 8] - the ruling is that he may attempt to buy a wagon in Pillbox - if the tiny hamlet has one for sale - but he must take it back to the place his first wagon fell apart and then return to Pillbox for the clock. [Rolls 15 (DARO)] - he finds that Dan Jerustono has a cart for sale but will he give credit? [Rolls 13 (DARO) - yes, he will but the price is twice the city going rate and the cart  looks... well, rather shonkey. [Rolls 5] - he gets back to the place of wagon ruination but his 'new' cart is shuddering rather alarmingly! He can chance it and just get straight back down the road to Pillbox or stop for cart maintenance - either way, 2 rolls for tomorrow please.

Off the Pace

Lucy, Gibby and Phlaag still have not reached the hamlet but Lucy does have it in sight now.

Safely Loaded

Everyone else has safely loaded the grandfather clocks on to their wagons bar Buzz, who has had to put it down twice lest he drop the darned thing! (2 rolls for Buzz tomorrow.) Ivy, Buzz and Rainbro have not yet left Pillbox but the others have - Dallup and Kangaroo Jack are going like bats out of hell and have put a bit of distance betwen themselves and the chasing pack.


Phloog has looked after the temple-maiden very well and when Hrothgar warns him that she has wrathfdul brothers, the ogre has no need to fret - the girl prefers going back to Khaboom with Phloog to staying in this limited-horizon place, even though Phloog knows people here and buys ales and pies for his old mates (when he leaves, it is to rousing cheers although it could be because of the antics of the scantily-clad one...)

Extra positive rolls for tomorrow go to:-

Hrothgar - 4 (!)
Kangaroo Jack, Phloog, Rainbro, Gibby and Ivy - one each

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