Saturday, April 18, 2015

Things That Go Bump In The Nigh

This just in from your nocturnal reporter:

The rules deliberation has concluded with the outcome that Tommy and Buzz would gain too big an advantage by starting where the uruk went off the rails so it's back to Pillbox for the unlikely pair so they have serious ground to make up.

More back-and-forth debate on the rules sees Gibby exculpated (that makes him jump back in alarm) and it is decreed that spectators getting to close to the action deserve whatever they get.

The scrying-screen watchers back in Khaboom begin to suspect malicious interference from somewhere (eyes turn to the magnificent Wizards' Guild building, today in the shape of a mighty staircase reaching up the stars) while others hint at demonic powers descending... At any event, all too many drivers are attacked during the night.

Kangaroo Jack, Chester the Centaur and Lucy Bottom make short work of the whip-wielding zombie automata lumbering out of the darkness to reach for their necks - Lucy quickly retrives her crossbow and puts a bolt through the fiend's forehead, Chester kicks out his back legs and bits of zombie going flying further than the thing could walk in a day while Kangaroo Jack jumps up and down all over his assailant, creating zombie jam in the process.

Ivy, Rainbro and Phlaag are left alone by the dark shapes of the night, perhaps very wise in the case of Ivy, whose fangs protrude in warning even as she sweetly sleeps. Phloog, Hrothgar and Lucky all get jumped, take a few cuts, bumps or bites as they rouse themselves but then rally and take their attackers apart with grim, methodical blows.

The thing that attacks Gibby catches the hobbit with his axe leg caught up in his sleeping bag and manages to get him in an armlock and is trying to either break Gibby's neck or separate it from his head. Bets are being placed eagerly back in the city (saving roll for Gibby). Buzz and Tommy, oblivious to the ruling on the race, also bothc their defence, the uruk clashing heads with Tommy as he turns to face the two zombies pummeling them as Tommy turns twice in the wrong direction (saving rolls for both of them too).

The other thing worth reporting is Hrothgar's talking in his sleep - seems as if he is pining for the temple maiden now and wants to win her back...

Tomorrow sees Tyree in sight and the rolls will test horse, wagon and route-picking as the leading drivers should have each other in sight as they descend onto the plains.

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