Saturday, April 4, 2015

More on The Great Wagon Dash

Not an overwhelming response to an easy-to-play low-level-of-commitment game but I shan't take it personally, to matter the pressure exerted.

The race will be run regardless!

There are some contestants announced thus far:

- a L9 dwarf named Lucky

- an (I think) ogre named Phloog

- an adventuress named Lucy Bottom

- a vampiress by the name of Ivy

- an axe-legged hobbit, Gibby Honeydew

- a rather strange fellow answering to Tommy Two-Times

- a kangakin known as Kangaroo Jack

- an uruk called Buzz

I'm sure there will be more. The prize, by the way, is a hefty 10,000 GPs with half that for 2nd, 3,000 for third and 1,000 for anyone who gets back to Khaboom in one piece.


  1. Ok, he's in. I'm going to make him L5 and give him a wagon STR/SPD split of 50/50 unless you tell me otherwise