Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Horsin' Around

Horsin' Around

Fag ends of yesterday...

Chester hotfoots back to Pillbox to work of his penalty, nods appreciatively to the wagon-seller as his cart has somehow stood up to the test - the fellow that built knew a hedge-spell, '#8 Wire' and the cart is magically protected, it transpires (that's what you get for rolling 17!) - and does a sprightly u-turn to head for home.

Buzz curses and wants to smash the damn thing but finally heaves his clock up on to his wagon and cushions it against the inevitable stresses and bumps it is about to endure, raises a finger at the locals chewing the cud and giving wise words of advice (like, 'you lie down in the back, son, and let your grandfather have the whip seat'). It is doubtful that the uruk will want to return to Pillbox.

Hrothgar has sent message to Phloog that he wishes him well with the temple-wench and gives her excellent references.

Getting those wagons rolling...

Phlaag is still flagging (sorry, it had to come sometime...) but Lucy and Gibby finally get to Pillbox and can set about loading their wagons which Chet has safely managed, by the way. Gibby has now got his dander up and is swinging that axe leg with menace... he gets 3 extra positive rolls. Phlaag has picked up his pace and gets 2 bonus rolls.

Lucky's horse (aptly named 'Horsey' by the imaginative dwarf) throws a shoe and this slows the stout and stocky one as much as it does Horsey.

Solid performances are put in by Dalup. Kangaroo Jack, Hrothgar, Rainbro and Phloog who all get 1 bonus roll.

Wizard Control send a message to all drivers instructing them that they must detour home via Tyree, Gibby's stomping ground. This seems malicious at best but there are no appeals against these rather whimsical decisions from on high. Tomorrow's focus must be on picking the best route...

Standings now are:

Hrothgar        130.5
Kangaroo Jack        124
Ivy        122
Dalup the Dwarf        120
Phloog        108.5
Lucky        103
Buzz        96.5
Rainbro        95.5
Chet the Centaur                   81
Gibby Honeydew        67.5
Lucy Bottom        62
Tommy Two-Time        34.5
Phlaag        29

Poor Phlaag has not yet reached the point of Tommy's exit from the race but is winning a new fan club back in Khaboom for his dogged perseverance. He still has someway to get to Pillbox and may even see the other drivers heading past him on their run for Tyree! Still, his brother has set up and warm welcome when he does get to collect his clock, which may well be a great-grandfather by then.

The temple-maiden has never been so well looked after as is being done by Phloog who may have won a heart and may still win the race.

Good luck finding Tyree!

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