Friday, April 3, 2015

Khaboom Wagon-Driving Championshp - All Welcome

Here is my Trollhalla post - get your name down quick!

I am going to run the Wagon-Driving Contest on the Outer Sanctum. I will also post the rules on [[]] as I know some can't access the OS.

The game is very simple and normally just involves sending me the result of rolling 2d6(DARO) - although conversational role playing is encouraged.

Any troll (or any other character) can enter; you just have to be able to drive a wagon.

The aim is to pick up a cargo (which is not revealed at the start) of the race from an unknown destination.. and get it back intact to Pentagram Square in Khaboom before any of the other competitors.

No magic is allowed and you cannot attack another contestant, his/her horse or wagon (centaurs can pul, their own wagon).

There will be 20 'testings' along the way of 10 talents a wagon driver may need (some will be tested more than once, some may not come up at all). You can claim talents per normal T&T rules.

Send details of your driver by trollmail, to, post it on the OS or at Gems & Giants - that's how flexible this is.

And if you miss a day, I'll just roll for you.

One thing you need to decide and let me know - the balance of your wagon between strength and speed in percentage terms (in tens not ones).

Give it a shot - the Trollgod might even give you TVP.

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