Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cutting Corners

Yesterday's leader, Chet the Centaur, has apparently been overwhelmed by a diet of beef jerky and hallucinates... 'seeing' a flock of flying chocolate bars down a narrow defile leading... precisely nowhere. This centaur is not stupid (just greedy) and manages to clear his head over sweet treats, losing only 2 hours in this futile pursuit before getting back on track.

That allows Kangaroo Jack and Ivy to get back within sight of Chet.  Ivy pushes on past Jack into second but the mad barbarian, Hrothgar, is today's big gainer, believing he has ditched his maiden in a ditch and is now able to fly with a lighter load - he actually chances upon a trail he manages to drive safely along and, as best the watchers back in Khaboom can tell, is ahead of Jack too. Dalup the Dwarf picks a handy trail and is hot on the leaders' heels.

Buzz, Rainbro and Phloog are bunched a few hours back and only Phlaag and Gibby are left with a mountain to climb to catch up. There is one sorry sight to report though: Lucy Bottom is clearly lost, having followed a real red herring of a 'shortcut'. She is wandering about in thick fog now, rising up from swampy ground, seemingly unable to relocate the way she came to get to this Trollgod-forsaken nightmare.

Tomorrow sees everyone needing to coax a little more from their horses, testing the strength of the bond between man and beast. Roll those dice, folks! (And an extra rool for Lucy, please.)

Here are the dice rolls for Day 6:

Chet the Centaur 5
Kangaroo Jack 6
Ivy 7
Dalup the Dwarf 8
Hrothgar 11
Lucy Bottom 5
Phloog 8
Buzz 11
Rainbro 11
Lucky 8
Tommy Two-Time 9
Gibby Honeydew 8
Phlaag 7

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